Paint a DAO!

Sign up for our Chinese writing and calligraphy session in Budapest downtown at the Oktogon.

Chinese calligraphy became an art during the centuries with several schools, approaches and traditions in this field.

Calligraphy writing

Our sessions are for beginners who has an interest to make their first step into the beautiful empire of Chinese characters or for those who would like to be able to write down their own name in Chinese in a
beautiful way.

During the 2 hours long session, immerse yourself in a friendly (max 4 participants), yet informal environment where we would provide all the necessary equipments (brushes, ink, rice paper), a short introduction into the world of Chinese characters and culture and at the end you can bring home your own work decorating your room or giving a present to your beloved ones.

Chinese charactersFor the spring of 2011 the sessions are on the following dates:

19 March (Saturday) – from 2pm to 4pm

26 March (Saturday) – from 2pm to 4 pm

2 April (Saturday) – from 2 pm to 4 pm

9 April (Saturday) – from 2 pm to 4 pm

16 April (Saturday) – from 2 pm to 4 pm

For prices and more information contact us at

This is a beautiful video to share. It has a wonderful tune that gives a relaxing feeling.  Towards the last few seconds, you get to see 'the way' i.e. 道 in an animated form


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