扭轉乾坤 Turn things around

扭轉乾坤 Niǔzhuǎn qiánkūn  (reverse the situation, turn the tables, turn the Heaven & Earth) is a famous Chinese phrase. As 2009 is an Ox ( 牛 ) Year and 牛, New, and 扭 have almost identical pronunciations, Chinese sometimes say 牛轉乾坤 for 扭轉乾坤, especially 牛 is a strong and powerful animal and can reverse any situation. People also say "Happy 牛 Year" for Happy New Year in the Year of Ox.

牛 Niǔ ox, bull
轉 zhuǎn turn, reverse = 转
乾 qián heaven, sky
坤 kūn earth, ground

開 open = 开
運 good luck = 运
致 reach
富 prosperity, wealth


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