相声, xiàngsheng

相声 also known as Crosstalk, is a traditional Chinese comedic performance in the form of a dialogue or a monologue or, even less frequently, a multi-player talk show. The language, rich in puns and allusions, is used in a rapid, bantering style.

Xiangsheng is one of China's foremost performing arts.

Today's featured person is 大山 Dàshān, literally "Big Mountain". 大山 is Mark Rowswell's Chinese stage name. He works as a freelance performer in People's Republic of China. Relatively unknown in the West, Dashan is perhaps the most famous Western performer in China, where he occupies a unique position as a foreign national who has become a bona fide domestic celebrity. Dashan's fame "is built on his now legendary ability to speak Mandarin Chinese better than many Chinese people."


NihaoHello is based in Tallinn Estonia with aims to cater to millennials and Europeans' growing interest to learn Mandarin Chinese. We specialize in tutoring English speakers to speak essential but confident Mandarin Chinese which learners can put to use as soon as he/she arrives to a Mandarin speaking region.

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