The specialty of Taishan includes the famous native products such as Taishan Ganoderma lucidum 灵芝 Língzhī - a form of mushroom. Chinese Knotweed root 泰山何首乌 hé shǒu wū, Taishan Chestnut 板栗 bǎnlì, Taishan walnut 核桃 hétɑo, Swallow stone products 燕子石制品 (such as ruler, pen, pen holder, vase, snuff bottles 鼻烟壶 bíyānhú, 胸坠 xiōng zhuì - Pendant) and Red phosphorus fish 赤磷鱼 Chì lín yú.

The Metaphor 有眼不识泰山 yǒu yǎn bù shí tài shān
is used to describe someone of shallow knowledge and do not recognize the status of people with high or great skills


Following is an interesting video of the sights at Taishan泰山:-


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