Xianyang 咸阳 Documentary

帝都咸阳 - 阳光之城 Xiányáng
Xian yang 咸阳
About 28 kilometers north west of Xi'an, is where you can reach the provincial capital of Shaanxi, Xianyang. Xianyang city is very near to the Entombed Terra-cotta warriors and horses which are so famously known worldwide. The historic Wei He River next to a fertile village and countryside was what it used to be the cradle of the early Chinese civilization at dated back to 11th century BC til 10th century AD. Much to also mentioned the First China's Emperor Qin Shi Huang and his Mausoleum which is partially here.

Bell Tower

Practice in Chinese to the Taxi driver:

Qǐng sòng wǒ dào xī'ān xiányáng jīchǎng, xièxiè!
Please send me to Xi'An XianYang Airport, Thank you!


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