About Us

About NihaoHello

NihaoHello is based in Tallinn Estonia with aims to cater to millennials and Europeans' growing interest to learn Mandarin Chinese. We specialize in tutoring English speakers to speak essential but confident Mandarin Chinese which learners can put to use as soon as he/she arrives to a Mandarin speaking region.

Raising Cultural Consciousness
We aim to raise cultural consciousness, meaningful exchange, contextualized input, intrinsic motivation, communicative competence, and integration of language skills. We have a unique view about enhancing an interactive learning process with an increase in cultural consciousness. We believe that a language is more than just words and sentences, but is embedded within culture. Culture should not be shared simply as an appendage to language, but language should be shared through culture.

Increased Competency in Cross-Cultural Communication
Our goal is to make your journey of language attainment meaningful. We enjoy the research on how to develop and execute online learning strategies that unify Mandarin Chinese learning experiences across touch points for the millennials. We are also doing this in a sustainable way, being eco-conscious and we use eco-friendly practices in our courses and learning programmes.

We strongly feel that Mandarin Chinese acquiring should have long lasting effects and be relevant to YOUR lives.

We consistently meet our clients’ objectives through our ability to customize and fine-tune the lesson plans with flexibility. Furthermore, our flexibility gives our clients the best opportunity to acquire Mandarin Chinese in the shortest time possible.

We provide tuition either at your home or office and we can work around your time constraints, providing a plan that meets with your timeline. Our recently launched blended eLearning programme, is an effective way to reduce energy usage and your carbon footprint. A study by Britain's Open University found that producing and providing e-learning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than traditional classroom courses.

We provide Mandarin Chinese tuition for both absolute beginners and also for those who may already have a basic or advanced understanding of the language. Whichever is the level, we do our best to respond quickly to all your requests by providing a tutoring service that is both effective and fun.



NihaoHello aims to cater to the new generation's growing interest to learn Mandarin Chinese. Homeschool and specialise in tutoring English speakers to speak essential but confident Mandarin Chinese. For beginner language learners to readily put to use as soon as the global recession recovers.