It is quite useful to understand the direction words and simple answers. This will help greatly to prepare yourself to handle the answers when you've tried to ask for the directions from a helpful Chinese while in China. Following are some basics, you can expect to hear as a reply:

yìzhízŏu (keep going straight) 一直走

wàng yòu guăi (turn right) 往右拐

wàng zuŏ guăi (turn left) 往左拐

dōng (east) 东

xī (west) 西

nán (south) 南

bĕi (north) 北

yòu (right) 右

zuŏ (left) 左

zài lù kŏu (around the block) 在路口

zài guăi jiăo (at the corner) 在拐角

yuăn (far) 远

jìn (close) 近

pángbiān (next to) 旁边

qiánmiàn (in front of) 前面

hòumiàn (behind) 后面

fùjìn (nearby) 附近

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