Chinese Characters writing - Paint a DAO!

Easier to remember the Chinese characters if you practice them again and again. Chinese calligraphy became an art during the centuries where there are even several schools and approaches and traditions in this field.

Chinese characters

Sign up for our 3 hours Paint a Dao! session! In our small studio individually or in small groups and we will practice together how to write and paint the Chinese characters.

Basically this session belongs to our Chinese tuition, but for those who are only interested in our Chinese character painting session, we can organize this event too.

Chinese characters

Wanna practice to write or paint the characters you have learned?
Wanna have some fun and getting closer to the Chinese culture?
Would you like to surprise your children with a special event?

Sign up to our Paint a Dao! session...



NihaoHello aims to cater to the new generation's growing interest to learn Mandarin Chinese. Homeschool and specialise in tutoring English speakers to speak essential but confident Mandarin Chinese. For beginner language learners to readily put to use as soon as you arrive to a Mandarin speaking region.

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