Components: 部件 - 可

Today's post about Character Components: 部件, is for this character 可

可 is used in 可以 which means 'can' or 'permitted'.
The 口 (象形) Pictographic. Picture of an open mouth. As a character component, it may be used for its box shape rather than its meaning. 

And the outer part 丂 (象形) Pictographic. Picture of breath obstructed by a barrier  一. The definition of this radical is the obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release.

Are you able to list some other characters that uses this way of character composition?

The following are six other examples:

Another interesting example to mention is 司 sī.
司 sī is (会意) Associative Compound.
It is defined as the profile of a person (represented by   一 ) 
mouthing orders 口.
And what's amazing is this character means: take charge of, control, manage; officer.

Some usage examples for 司 sī :

公司, 有限公司, 跨国公司, 司机, 上司, 航空公司,  
Gōngsī, yǒuxiàn gōngsī, kuàguó gōngsī, sījī, shàngsi, hángkōng gōngsī,
Company, Limited, multinational corporations, drivers, supervisors, airlines, 
司法, 保险公司, 司令, 母公司
sīfǎ, bǎoxiǎn gōngsī, sīlìng, mǔ gōngsī
justice, insurance companies, the commander, the parent company


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