Chinese Business Culture: Concept of Guanxi

Guanxi 关系

Chinese social relations are social relations typified by a reciprocal social network. Often social obligations within the network are characterized in familial terms. The individual link within the social network is known by Guānxì (关系) and the feeling within the link is known by the term Gǎnqíng (感情). An important concept within Chinese social relations is the concept of face, as in many other Asian cultures. A Buddhist-related concept is Yuánfèn (缘分).

Concept of Guanxi

Sociologists have linked guanxi with the concept of social capital (it has been described as a Gemeinschaft value structure), and it has been exhaustively described in studies of Chinese economic and political behavior, including :

In Russian culture, Blat. In Middle Eastern culture, wasta. In the Cuban culture, sociolismo.

Do you agree that it (Guanxi) is over-rated nowadays for doing business in China?
What is it actually?


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