First Names in Chinese

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The event was a Family Day for Amplifon, an Italian MNC with its HQ in Milan, Italy. This company, has a hungarian branch in Budapest and they are a world leader of hearing systems (hearing aids) and their fitting and personalization to the needs of clients with hearing impairment.

It was a cosy family day event, and I was there to teach their employees to write their first names in Chinese characters. Some of them even requested to write their entire family members names and they had a lot of fun and at the same time marveled at each strokes that made up their chinese name - therapeutic was how it was for them. The most rewarding were their smiles upon completion of their own names. They had this sense of satisfaction.

''I want to show this to my wife'' exclaimed Gilbert Ferraroli, MD for Continental Europe. Ms Daniela Pighini, Global Business Dev. Manager was lending her support while watching Gilbert wrote. Daniela said she will put her Chinese name in her office. She said she likes how it appear in Chinese characters and she even learned on the spot how to pronounce her own name in Mandarin.

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