说 to speak

means to speak; to say; to explain; to scold; to tell off;
a theory (usually in compounds such as heliocentric theory)

Some Examples
说明 shuōmíng to explain; to illustrate; to indicate; to show; to prove; explanation; directions; caption 说话 shuōhuà to speak; to say; to talk; to gossip; to tell stories; talk; word
说服 shuōfú to persuade; to convince; to talk somebody over
说法 shuōfa way of speaking; wording; formulation; one's version (of events); statement; theory; hypothesis; interpretation
说谎 shuōhuǎng to lie; to tell an untruth tīngxiě dictate; dictation miáoxiě to describe; to depict; to portray; description chāoxiě to copy; to transcribe xiěxìn to write a letter xiězì to write characters xiězuò to write; to compose; writing; written works


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