Top Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters 4

31[de] ; 走得快 zǒude kuài walk quickly
[dé] get, reach, achieve
[děi] should
32[jiù] just, simply, right away; 就要 jiùyào about to (do something); 这就是我! Zhè jiùshì wǒ! This is simply me!; 他就要去. Tā jiùyào qù. He is about to leave.
33[nà] that
[nèi] that (before classifier)
[nuó] 禅那 chánnuó deep meditation
[nuò] 无那 wúnuò helpless, unfortunately
[nǎ] (=哪 nǎ) what?
[něi] (=哪 něi before classifier) which?
34[yào] want, will, shall, need, important, essential; 主要 zhǔyào main, fundamental
[yāo] 要求 yāoqiú demand
35[xià] below, under, (go) down, next (as opposed to previous/last)
{Compare with 上 shàng above}
36[yǐ] use, take, according to, because of, in order to; 可以 kěyǐ OK, may; 所以 suǒyǐ so, therefore, as a result; 以外 yǐwài beyond, except
37[shēng] give birth, life; 先生 xiānsheng mister, gentleman, Sir
38会(F會)[huì] can, able, meet, meeting, society, union, party
[kuài] 会计 kuàijì accounting
[huǐ] 会儿 huìr moment
39[zì] from, since, (=自己 zìjǐ) self; 自然 zìrán nature
{Compare with 目 mù eye and 白 bái white}
[zháo] touch
[zhuó] wear clothes, dress, touch
[zhāo] put in, add, (F招) make move in chess, trick, decieve

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