Visual Learner

Did you know the facts about Visual Learners?

About The Visual Learner:
Did you know?
FACT: Approximately 65 percent of the population is visual learners.
FACT: The brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text.
FACT: 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual.
FACT: 40 percent of all nerve fibers connected to the brain are linked to the retina.
FACT: Visual aids in the classroom improve learning by up to 400 percent.

I have encounter many visual learners before. And even til today, while I am teaching some people over SKYPE, I could identify who are the visual learners. So I am very aware whenever I see that your strengths in learning is visually. My teaching resources will be customised with image-rich technologies and I use quite a lot of graphics to help you through this learning phase. The most important for me is to allow you to: investigate, chronicle, express, communicate, inspire and envision.

I embrace and model the full spectrum of visual literacy. So my teaching plan for visual learners utilize imagery appropriately to enhance your Chinese learning. I also guide you with visual elements for your brain to form them into stories. At times on this website, you see materials such as documentary or still photography or even moving images to help you understand some concepts.

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