Sample Lessons

Upper Intermediate Lesson
This is a lesson about "Bird's Nest''. It is related to the Olympics event held in Beijing China in 2008. These slides not just let you learn more about the chinese, pin yin, character writing, as well as the usage but also practical applications in your daily lives. Check it out now!

Intermediate Lesson
This lesson is about the character 'Good'. It gives the Intermediate learner the basic knowledge of how chinese characters are formed with the radicals basics learn in Beginner Level. Useful chinese phrases or vocabulary via SKYPE and they are highlighted to learners. This methodology allows a gradual integration and application of new words learned in an interesting manner.

Beginner Lesson
This lesson is about the character 'Small'. Besides allowing beginners to learn chinese visually. yet when the lesson slides are combined with SKYPE, our tutor can show you the correct pronunciation and the common usage of this word. Learning the chinese strokes, pin yin, Radicals (Bushou)部首, variants and number of strokes.


NihaoHello is based in Tallinn Estonia with aims to cater to millennials and Europeans' growing interest to learn Mandarin Chinese. We specialize in tutoring English speakers to speak essential but confident Mandarin Chinese which learners can put to use as soon as he/she arrives to a Mandarin speaking region.

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