Chinese Wisdom : 一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴 = As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time.

yī cùn guāng yīn yī cùn jīn cùn jīn nán măi cùn guāng yīn
一 寸 光 阴 一 寸 金 , 寸 金 难 买 寸 光 阴

cùna unit of length / inch / thumb
guānglight / ray / bright / only / merely / to use up / CL:道[dao4]
jīngold / metal / money / the Jurchen Jin dynasty (1115-1234)
nándifficult (to...) / problem / difficulty / difficult / not good
one / 1 / single / a (article)
yīnovercast (weather) / cloudy / shady / Yin (the negative principle of Yin and Yang) / negative (electric.) / feminine / moon / implicit / hidden / pudenda

光阴 means time
As every thread of gold is valuableso is every moment of time


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