Happy New Year's Eve

Today is the New Year's Eve before 2010, the turn of a new decade. Nihaohello.org wishes you a wonderful new year ahead!

Meanwhile, do you know that there is a Chinese Calendar by which the Chinese communities follow? Mainly the festivals are followed on the Chinese Calendar which incorporates elements of a lunar calendar. Many Asian cultures follow this lunisolar calendar which was first perfected by the Chinese around 500BCE.

BCE="Before the Common Era", "Before the Christian Era", 
or "Before the Current Era''

Hence, the day before the Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival (春节)) 
is known as 除夕 chú xī .
For 2010, the Chinese New Year will be on 14th February 2010. 
Thus, the eve will be 13th February 2010.

chú xī

dà nián yè


chú xī
(New Year's) Eve

big / huge / large / major / great / wide / deep / oldest / eldest
nián yè
eve of lunar new year

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