Baekdu Mountain, Changbaishan National Nature Reserve 长白山自然保护区

Photo Credit: Graeme Nicol

Changbaishan National Nature Reserve 

Chǎngbáishān zìrán bǎohù qū

The meaning of each character, literally:

长: long
白: white
山: mountain
自然: natural
保护: protect
区: zone

长白山 = ever-white mountain
自然保护区 = Nature Reserve

Baekdu Mountain is a volcanic mountain. This area is a habitat for bears, wolves, tigers, leopards and wild boars. In the Chinese classic, it was recorded with various names like Buxian Shan, Shanshan Daling, Taibai Shan and Changbai Shan. In the Liao Dynasty and the Jurchen Jin Dynasty (907 and 1115 respectively)

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