Chinese Characters Practice Grid

For Homeschool or self-taught practice of the Chinese Characters writing, there is a good grid online tool that is very easy to use:

Homeschool characters to practice:

Lesson 8
第 八 课 放 后 回 扫 地 桌 进 干 净 打 云 林 泥 土 种 门 见 回 这 爸 说 哥 家


Hanzi Grid

Practice all lesson starting from Lesson 1 now

Basic features:

  • Text content - supports traditional and simplified characters 
  • Repeated characters per row, or a single block of continuous text.
  • Cell size
  • Row and column spacing
  • Font size within the cell
  • Guidelines for each cell
  • Dimming levels for both characters and guides
  • Mixture of dimmed/non-dimmed characters
  • Page size/layout (A4/Letter, portrait/landscape).
  • Page headings

Just click a button and it all gets saved as a PDF file.

It's pretty simple to operate, just type in whatever characters you want (or leave that field blank), then adjust the various sliders so the grid has the size/layout you like. Then just click 'Generate PDF' to create a PDF file which you can download and then print out whenever you need to practice your handwriting.
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