Conversational Chinese Skills I

Curious about the Chinese Mandarin language beyond your first Chinese Hello 'Nihao'你好?or even Thank you, 谢谢? :)

Whether it is because you are planning to travel to China or maybe you are planning to live in a Chinese speaking country. Or, you may just want to better prepare yourself with the conversational skills before getting there.

We are here to help. Now you can learn the basic Mandarin Chinese on Skype with NihaoHello!

In a 10-week Program, you can learn more than just the basics of Chinese. 

This is Nihao Hello! conversation-centric learning program. After the program, you will even be able to do basic 'shopping' (such as to buy something in Chinese with Chinese sellers)! Despite it is just a beginners' program, you can objectively learn the basics and feel confident to learn 'haggling' as a next step. Such ways in ensuring your stay in China an immersed experience.

Buying something is a very common situation for travelers or even for any non-chinese speaker who are considering to live there. Following is a great video called 'Beijing Shopping Guide' which shows you the places where you can shop in China Bejing from The Silk Market (Xiu Shui), Pearl Market (Hong Qiao), to Ya Show Market (Ya Xiu) at Sunlitun, to 'Wang Fu Jing'. 

You can imagine how you are able to put what you have learnt into use such as to negotiate for a good price, to ask for the same item but in a colour that you would like and avoid the frustration of being disappointed. We are sure you want to shop and buy something you want at a reasonable price.


NihaoHello aims to cater to the new generation's growing interest to learn Mandarin Chinese. Homeschool and specialise in tutoring English speakers to speak essential but confident Mandarin Chinese. For beginner language learners to readily put to use as soon as you arrive to a Mandarin speaking region.