Chinese Duplicated Words - AA, ABAB, AABB

Duplicated Words

AA: Duplicated characters (AA) are written together:
tiāntiān 天天,every day
xiǎoxiǎo 小小,little
màn màn 慢慢,slowly
mǎnmǎn 满满, to the brim, fully
hǎohǎo 好好, in a proper way

ABAB: two characters duplicated (ABAB) are written separated:
cānkǎo cānkǎo 参考参考 - as a reference
tǎolùntǎolùn 讨论讨论 - discuss
jiěshì jiěshì 解释解释 - explain

AABB: a hypen is written with the schema
lǎolǎo-shishi 老老实实 ( honestly; conscientiously; in earnest)
kāikāi-xīnxīn 开开心心 (happily)
jiājiā-hùhù 家家户户 (each and every family; every household)


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