Chinese Numerals 大写 dàxiě

Chinese numerals used in commercial or financial contexts is known as dàxiě (大写). These are found on official receipts (发票) or cheques where these characters used for writing numerals to prevent forgeries in the same way spelling numbers out in English would. A forger could easily change everyday characters 三十 (30) to 五千 (5000) by adding just a few strokes. That would not be possible when writing using the financial characters 叁拾 (30) and 伍仟 (5000).

Financial                Pīnyīn

零     〇     0     líng    

壹     一     1     yī    

贰     二     2     èr    

叁     三     3     sān 

肆     四     4     sì
伍     五     5     wǔ    

陆     六     6     liù    

柒     七     7     qī    

捌     八     8     bā    

玖     九     9     jiǔ    

拾     十     10     shí    

佰     百     100     bǎi    

仟     千     1,000     qiān

萬     万     10,000     wàn     ten-thousand is 'yī wàn' NOT 'shí qiān'

億     亿     1,000,000     yì


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