Chinese Lessons for Children

Spurred by the economy of China, the Chinese language is becoming an increasingly popular language to be learned by many around the world. The developing and influential market economy has dubbed Chinese language as 'the language of the future'.

China is the third largest economy in the world after the U.S. and Japan with a nominal GDP of US$4.4 trillion (2008) when measured in exchange-rate terms. It is the second largest in the world after that of the United States with a GDP of $7.8 trillion (2008) when measured on a purchasing power parity (PPP) basis. China has had the fastest-growing major economy for the past 30 years with an average annual GDP growth rate above 10%.

invest in your child

For parents, one of your best investment in securing your children's future is providing them with an opportunity to learn the Chinese language at an early age. Not only does it help to lay a foundation, our chinese program for children develop their communicative competence while they are having fun in the process.

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NihaoHello aims to cater to the new generation's growing interest to learn Mandarin Chinese. Homeschool and specialise in tutoring English speakers to speak essential but confident Mandarin Chinese. For beginner language learners to readily put to use as soon as you arrive to a Mandarin speaking region.

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