Merry Christmas=圣诞快乐!

北欧 Běi Ōu north Europe / Scandinavia

Dōng zhì Winter Solstice, 22nd of the 24 solar terms 二十四节气 22nd December-5th January

基督教 Jī dū jiào Christianity / Christian

圣诞 Shèng dàn Christmas / birthday of reigning Emperor / Confucius' birthday

圣诞节 Shèng dàn jié Christmas time / Christmas season / Christmas

圣诞树 Shèng dàn shù Christmas tree

传教士 chuán jiào shì missionary

冬青 dōng qīng holly

火腿 huǒ tuǐ ham / CL:个[ge4]

槲寄生 hú jì shēng mistletoe

假日 jià rì holiday / non-working day

习俗 xí sú custom / tradition / local tradition / convention

异教 yì jiào heresy / heathenism

赠 zèng give present

宗教 zōng jiào religion


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