中国名街 北京国子监=Imperial Academy

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The Beijing Guozijian 北京国子监, located at the Guozijian Street or Chengxian Street 成贤街 in Beijing, China, was the imperial college during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties (although most of its buildings were built during the Ming Dynasty) and it was the last Guozijian of China and is an important national cultural heritage.
In 1898, the Guozijian was disbanded during the Hundred Days Reform of the Qing Dynasty, and it was replaced by the Imperial Capital University, later known as the Peking University.

It was the national central institute of learning in ancient Chinese dynasties. The highest institute of learning in China's traditional educational system. Emperors in imperial China would also frequently visit the Guozijian to read Confucian classics to thousands of students.
This street with 700 years of history, has well preserved streets of old Beijing style.


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