Fun ways to learn Mandarin Chinese

Fun ways to learn Mandarin Chinese

Many ways and online or offline resources are available to help you learn Mandarin freely. Learning can be fun. Now in particular - learning Mandarin Chinese. Today we provide you with 8 tips to take the first steps:

1. Start from beginner level, don't jump the gun.
Having a good foundation is very important. Since what you are going to learn is a tonal language, it is essentially important to know the pronunciation well, and learn the correct ways to master it.

2. Improve your fluency after each new lesson.
You can simply do so by asking someone to test you the new stuff you have learn. Practice makes perfect. The first time you don't know, the next time you know, just keep going!

3. Walk into a Chinese restaurant. Get inspired.
Chinatown are usually full of opportunities for you to see all things Chinese. Chopsticks, sauces, packaging. Find ways to apply what you have newly learn.

4. Slowly but surely.
Don't stress yourself too much while learning the language. Have fun hearing the different tones and sounds. Remember them with mnemonic.

5. Take up lessons.
It is not everybody's game to self-learn based on books. You need to listen and with a teacher, you can ask the relevant questions about areas of difficulty. Choice of books and resources plays a part too!

6. Writing it down.
Write it down as you found a new Chinese character. Make it the character of the day.
Try to rewrite it again to reinforce it.

7. Get used to the four tones + one neutral tone.
Differentiate the different sounds of it. This sensitivity is equally important to speaking it. Listening plays a big part.

8. When you are ready, then move on to grammar.
Learning the rules of the language step by step. Have the key points in your mind, then construct simple sentences before proceeding to difficult ones.

At the end of the day, immersed yourself in the language, be surrounded by the people, with movies, with music and stories. Enjoy and have fun.


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