21 Ways to learn Mandarin

  1. Kids and Children’s Chinese books
  2. Listen to Chinese Children’s songs
  3. Watch Mandarin Chinese movies
  4. Try shopping in Chinatown
  5. Ask locals for directions in Mandarin
  6. Have a casual conversation with a Mandarin speaker
  7. Watch Chinese news for things that interest you
  8. Use your smart phone apps to learn on the go
  9. Source for online Chinese information
  10. Mac Genius or Anki
  11. Android and IOS Talking translator or dictionary
  12. Google Translate
  13. Skype The Mixxer language partners
  14. Hang out with local Chinese
  15. Get a private tutor to help point out your mistakes
  16. Get Chinese editions of your favourite magazines
  17. Change your language on your computer to Chinese
  18. Eat in Chinese restaurants
  19. Cook a Chinese cuisine/dish by watching a Chinese video recipe 
  20. Youtube or Youku or
  21. Write your next to do list in Chinese


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