Top Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters 2

11这(F這)[zhè] this; 这儿 zhèr here
[zhèi] this (before classifier)
12[zhōng] middle, in; 中国 Zhōngguó China
[zhòng] hit (a target)
13[dà] big; 多大? duōdà? how large?; 大小 dàxiǎo size; 大家 dàjiā everybody
[dài] 大夫 dàifu doctor
{Compare with 太 tài very and 木 mù tree}
14来(F來)[lái] come; 原来 yuánlái originally, as a matter of fact; 来年 láinián coming/next year(s)
[lai] (when used as a verb complement); 起来 qǐlai get up
15[shàng] above, on, over, top, (go) up, last, previous
[shǎng] 上声 shǎngshēng 3rd tone in Mandarin
[shang] (when used as a verb complement)
{Compare with 下 xià under}
16国(F國)[guó] (=国家 guójiā) country, state, nation, ; 中国 Zhōngguó China; 美国 Měiguó USA
17个(F個,箇)[gè] ; 个人 gèrén personal; 个人主页 gèrénzhùyè personal homepage
[gě] 自个 zìgě oneself
18[dào] to, towards, until, arrive, reach
19说(F說)[shuō] explain, scold, refer to, (=说话 shuōhuà) speak, say; 游说 yóushuō persuade
[shuì] try to persuade; 游说 yóushuì lobbying
20们(F們)[men] ; 我们 wǒmen we; 人们 rénmen people, persons

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