Character-confusion No More Part 2

It seems this new series is very well-received by my regular readers on this website! Let's get on with the second of the series, with this character 艮 gěn

艮 gěn means ''stillness'' or ''stopping'', it is 6 strokes and is one of the 214 radicals.

艮 gěn is the seventh of the Taoist Ba Gua trigrams (guacosmology), it is also the 52nd hexagram of the I Ching. There is no top stroke if you compare with the common 良 Liáng  (as it is commonly confused with).

Photo Courtesy of the Nationals Online, Bagua

There are consequences when you use 艮 gěn with a different radical incorrectly.  The easiest way to remember is the sounding of 良 Liáng  which has the additional top stroke. With the female radical on its left is the resultant character: 娘 

娘 niáng is Mother, or as in 新娘  Xīn niáng(which is the Bride)

With the 犬 radical, or犭on its left
The resulting chinese character is 狼 Láng which means Wolf.

So 艮 gěn is different. The easiest way to remember is the contrast of this character 狠 Hěn which means 'Ruthless'.

When it is with the radical 足 ⻊ foot radical. The resultant is 跟 and this means to follow. 

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