Top Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters 6

51[xiǎo] small; 大小 dàxiǎo size
52[me/mo] (F麼,末) (interrogative suffix) 什么? shénme? what?; 为什么? wèishénme? why? 没什么! méi shénme! It doesn't matter!, Never mind!; 怎么? zěnme? how?
[yāo] (S幺) youngest, one (e.g. in bus/house/phone numbers)
53[xīn] heart; 小心 xiǎoxīn be careful; 心理 xīnlǐ psychology, mentality; 中心 zhōngxīn center
54[duō] many, much, more; 多大 duōdà how large?; 多少 duōshǎo how many/much?
55[tiān] sky, heaven, god, day, (=天空 tiānkōng) sky; 天气 tiānqì weather
{天 干 tiāngān the Ten Heavenly Stems: 甲乙丙丁戊己庚辛壬癸 jiǎ-yǐ-bǐng-dīng-wù-jǐ-gēng-xīn-rén-guǐ (these characters are sometimes used as ordinal numbers}
{Compare with 夫 fū man and 无 wú without}
56[ér] (=而且 érqiě) and, furthermore, (=然而 rán'ér) yet, even so
57[néng] can, be able; 能够 nénggòu be capable of; 可能 kě'néng maybe
58[hǎo] good, good to..., easy to...; 你好! Nǐhǎo! Hello!
[hào] to like
[hāo] 好好儿 hǎohāor in perfectly good condition
59[dōu] all
[dū] (=首都 shǒudū) capital city
60[rán] right, correct, so, like that; 虽然 suīrán although; 忽然 hūrán suddenly; 当然 dāngrán of course; 自然 zìrán nature

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