Everyday Chinese Phrases (Basics)

English Greetings
Chinese Greetings:
Ni3 hao3!   你好

Good morning!
zǎo shàng hǎo/ zǎo   早上好/ 早

Good evening!
Xia4 wu3 hao3!/ Wan3 shang4 hao3!   下午好!/ 晚上好!

Welcome! (to greet someone)
Huan2 ying2!   欢迎!

How are you?
Ni3 hao3   你好!

I'm fine, thanks!
Hen3 hao3! Xie4 xie4   很好!谢谢!

And you?
Ni3 ne1?   你呢?

Good/ So-So. Ordinary
Yī bān   一般!

Thank you (very much)!
Xie4 xie4   谢谢!

You're welcome! (for "thank you")
Bù kèqì!/Bùyòng xiè!   不客气!/不用谢!

Hey! Friend!
Hai4! Peng2 you4   嗨!朋友!

I missed you so much!
Duo1 xiang3 ni3 ya4   多想你呀!

What's surprising?
Yǒu shé me xīqí de?   有什么稀奇的?

Nothing much
Méi shén me   没什么

Good night!
Wan3 an1   晚安

See you later!
Dài huì er jiàn   待会儿见

Good bye!
zài jiàn   再见


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