Good things come in pairs

The GOOD number 2 (二 or 两, Pinyin: èr or liăng). There is a Chinese saying "good things come in pairs". It is common to use double symbols, e.g. double happiness


200 is pronounced as "两百(liǎnɡbǎi)."两 is mostly used by the northern and 二(èr) is by the southern. In most Mandarin speaking places such as Beijing, Singapore or Taiwan, we say 两百.

二(èr) is use for counting numbers like, one 1, two 2, three 3, 
twelve 12, twenty 20...
or if the room number is ’221‘, then we say ’二一 号‘,we don't say '一'.

Or we can say 两百二十一 for Two hundred and twenty-one.

"两(liǎnɡ)" is used with the measure words after it, like 个(ɡè), 把(bǎ), 块(kuài), 棵( kē), 只(zhī), 条(tiáo) and so on, but "二(èr)" can't be used with them, For example: "两个(liǎnɡ ɡè)""两条(liǎnɡ tiáo)."

"两(liǎnɡ)" can be used with斤(jīn), 里(lǐ), 尺(chǐ) and 吨(dūn), such as 两斤(liǎngjīng)

For time, we say 2pm as "两(liǎnɡ)"点。

天下无双 Tiānxià wúshuāng means Unparalleled in English.


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