Learn Chinese Language Through Pinterest

Do you know that you can actually learn a language through Pinterest?

There are lots of useful Chinese language learning resources on social media today, especially on Pinterest. Using the visual search tool, you can find useful pins for your language learning needs from beginners to intermediate, upper intermediate or even advanced.

There is a very well crafted Chinese learning resource in the form of a 'pin'. It has so far garnered an engagement of 12,300+ since it was first pinned in October 2015.

By today, more than 10,000 people has pinned it on their boards and this number is growing as we type now.

For beginners or lower intermediate level Chinese learning, it is time for you to be ready to learn words about 'Emotions and Feelings'. These words and vocabulary are great for describing how you feel or how someone is feeling. For example, to say you are feeling happy 高兴 Gāoxìng, or feeling that someone you know is polite 客气 kèqì or describing that someone (he/she) is a kind hearted person 善良 shànliáng

With more descriptive words, you could also learn the way to construct simple or complex sentences around them. When you see that you can deliver and say simple meaningful sentences, you'll feel one step closer to mastering the language.


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