The Number 2 in Chinese #writing

小恐龙朋友们 16: 一幅画 - The Painting

Chinese 一二三四五六七八九十

Pinyin yī èr sān sì wǔ liù qī bā jiǔ shí 
7:15 Writing the Chinese Months of the Year 
from January to December
January 一月 February 二月 March 三月 April 四月 May 五月 June 六月 July 七月 August 八月 September 九月 October 十月 November 十一月 December 十二月
二 vs 饿 

This is a great resource to help your Pre-K or beginner to learn
Chinese Characters from Basic Strokes and Tones
By Ni Hao Learning Center, Ching-yun Hsu

• ----- • L E A R N B Y P L A Y I N G • ----- • 9:04 Learn by Playing a Game: Spin the Wheel 10:38 Mastering Numbers, writing random numbers in Chinese 11:55 Months of the Year in Chinese • ----- • R E A D I N G • ----- • 12:40 Reading a book for beginners: 山 (mountain),高 (tall), 个 (a common article), 人 (person), 大 (big), 大人 (adult), 一个大人(an adult), 一个高高大人 • ----- • B O N U S • ----- • BONUS: 的 [Genitive Case in Mandarin Chinese] 13:21 的 Explaining the genitive case in Mandarin which is made by use of the particle 的 (de). It is important to introduce 的 de at this point. As Hedi has already learn basics in one dominant language, that is English, she is readily able to reflect the usage of 的 (de) immediately. She just need to learn by practicing to write 的 and use it right away, forming simple sentences.


NihaoHello aims to cater to the new generation's growing interest to learn Mandarin Chinese. Homeschool and specialise in tutoring English speakers to speak essential but confident Mandarin Chinese. For beginner language learners to readily put to use as soon as the global recession recovers.

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