Olympics 2008 Special - Hungary Flatwater 皮划艇

Flatwater = 皮划艇

Canoeing competitions at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics will be held from August 11 to August 23 at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park in Beijing. Flatwater in chinese is 皮划艇 (pí huá tĭng). Here's a Lower Intermediate level Lesson Preview about 'flatwater'

Hungary Men

Attila VajdaC-1 500 m
C-1 1000 m
Mátyás Sáfrán
Mihály Sáfrán
C-2 500 m
Tamás Kiss
György Kozmann
C-2 1000 m
Ákos VereckeiK-1 500 m
Zoltán BenkőK-1 1000 m
Zoltán Kammerer
Gábor Kucsera
K-2 500 m
K-2 1000 m
István Beé
Gábor Bozsik
Márton Sík
Ákos Vereckei
K-4 1000 m


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