The Harmonious Gate of Interest: Chinatown, Victoria B.C

Originally uploaded by Brandon Godfrey
The Gate of Harmonious Interest, or Tong Ji Men, was erected in 1981. It was built in China and is modeled after typical gates there. Both the Chinese and non-Chinese communities worked together to have this gate installed over Fisgard Street. Two inscriptions allude to this cooperative effort: "To work together with one heart" and "To help each other achieve harmony."

It is a most interesting structure in terms of Chinese cultural symbolism. It's overall theme is Unity in Duality. This theme is seen in the Gate's treatment of the Golden Dragon, a Yang element, and the Red Phoenix, a Yin element. Red symbolizes joy and festivity while gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity. These colours-together with touches of Qing (a blue-green colour), which is symbolic of growth and peace-represents the harmony of the elements. In particular, the red and gold represent the union of heaven and earth.

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