Top Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters 5

41[qù] go, leave, depart (opposite of 来 lái)
42[zhī] , it (in classical texts)
43过(F過)[guò] pass, cross, go by, exceed, ; 过马路 guò mǎlù cross the street; 我去过中国两次. wǒ qùguo Zhōngguó liǎng cì. I have gone to China twice.
44[jiā] home, house, family; 国家 guójiā nation; 大家 dàjiā everybody
[jie] 整天家 zhěngtiānjie all day long; 家里 jiālǐ (at) home, (in the) family
45学(F學)[xué] study, learn; 学校 xuéxiào school; 学生 xuésheng student
{Compare with 字 zì written character}
46对(F對)[duì] correct, answer, treat, agree, mutual, pair; 对不起 duìbuqǐ excuse me
47[kě] ~able, (=可以 kěyǐ) may, can, (=可是 kěshì) but, however; 可爱 kě'ài loveable, cute; 可能 kě'néng possible, probable, maybe; 可口可乐 kěkǒukělè Coca Cola
[kè] 可汗 kèhán khan
48[tā] she, her
49[lǐ] neighbourhood, half kilometer, , (F裏,裡) in, inside, lining; 哪里? nǎli? where?; 那里 nàli there; 这里 zhèli here
50[hòu] queen, (F後) after, behind, ; 后天 hòutiān the day after tomorrow

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