丝绸之路 Sī chóu Zhī lù The Silk Road

【新丝绸之路】- 生与死的楼兰 1/5
The Silk Road - First Episode - Life and Death of Loulan

Loulan or Kroran is an ancient oasis town founded in the second century BCE on the north-eastern edge of the Lop Desert. Loulan, also known as Krorayina, was an ancient kingdom along China's Silk Road in Xinjiang. In 77 BCE, it became known to the Chinese as Shanshan, though the town at the northwestern corner of Lop Nur retained the name of Loulan. The ruins of the town of Loulan are on what were the western banks of Lop Nur, in the Bayin'gholin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, now completely submerged in the desert.

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巴音郭楞蒙古自治州Bā yīn guō léng Měng gǔ zì zhì zhōuBayin'guoleng Mongol autonomous prefecture of Xinjiang
孔雀河Kǒng què héPeacock river in Xinjiang
罗布泊Luó bù bóLop Nor, salt lake and nuclear testing site in Xinjiang
楼兰Lóu lánancient oasis town of Kroraina or Loulan on the Silk road near Lop Nor 羅布泊|罗布泊, modern Xinjiang
南岸Nán ànNananqu district of central Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
南岸nán ànthe south bank
若羌县Ruò qiāng xiànChaqiliq nahiyisi or Ruoqiang county in Bayin'guoleng Mongol autonomous prefecture, Xinjiang 巴音郭愣蒙古自治州[Ba1 yin1 guo1 leng4 Meng3 gu3 zi4 zhi4 zhou1], Xinjiang
新疆Xīn jiāngXinjiang / Uighur autonomous region 新疆维吾尔自治区
中国Zhōng guóChina / Middle Kingdom
deof / structural particle: used before a noun, linking it to preceding possessive or descriptive attributive
aim / clear
really and truly
地处dì chǔto be located at / to be situated in
古城gǔ chéngold town
jiǎoangle / horn / horn-shaped / unit of money equal to 0.1 yuan / CL:个[ge4]
juérole (theater) / to compete / ancient three legged wine vessel / third note of pentatonic scale
距今jù jīnbefore the present / (a long period) ago
留下liú xiàto leave behind / to stay behind / to remain / to keep / not to let go (sb)
年前nián qián...years ago
yuēappointment / agreement / to arrange / to restrict / approximately
遗迹yí jìtrace / vestige / historical remains / remnant
一个yī gèa / an


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