Tianjin's Delicacy | 天津狗不理包子 - 全国闻名的传统风味小吃

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Why such a name 狗不理包子 ?

The name "Goubuli Baozi", literally means "stuffed bun that dogs are not interested in". The name originated from a boy's nickname. Many years ago, a chinese family found an abandoned child in a garbage dump and adopted him. Alluding to his good fortune in not being eaten by dogs, they nicknamed him Gou Zi, or "Doggy." The child grew up to become an accomplished chef whose steamed dumplings were unparalleled in the area. His buns were very popular and his business became so exceptionally good that his customers would have difficulty getting his attention. People began to refer to him as "Goubuli (Doggy ignores us)." With the passage of time, the bun became widely known as "Gou Bu Li Bao Zi".

Gou Bu Li Baozi is steamed bun usually stuffed with meat filling made of pork, fresh shrimp etc..


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