Top Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters 3

21为(F為)[wèi] for, for the sake of, in order to, in this connection
[wéi] do, act, act as, be, become; 认为 rènwéi think or believe that...; 以为 yǐwéi think or believe erroneously that...
{Compare with 办 bàn do}
22[zǐ] child, son; 子女 zǐnǚ sons and daughters; 儿子 érzi son
[zi] (noun suffix); 桌子 zhuōzi table
{Compare with 了 le }
23[hé] together, with, (F龢) harmony, gentle, mild, kind, ; 和平 hépíng peace
[Hé] Japan
[huo] 暖和 nuǎnhuo nice and warm
[hè] join in singing, compose a poem in reply
[huó] mix with water
[huò] mix, blend
[hú] complete a set in Mahjong
24[nǐ] (Alternative feminine form: 妳 nǐ) you, your; 你们 nǐmen you (plural)
25[dì] earth, ground, soil, place, position, distance; 地支 dìzhī the Twelve Terrestrial Branches
[de] , ~ly; 快地走 kuàide zǒu walk quickly
26[chū] go out, come out, in direction out from something, emit, issue, prouce; 出现 chūxiàn appear, emerge, (F齣)
27[dào] way, path, channel, way, say, a streak (of light), doctrine, , (=道教 Dàojiào) Taoism; 知道 zhīdao know
[dǎo] (=导 dǎo) lead; 领道 = 领导 lǐngdǎo leader
28[yě] also, as well; 也许 yěxǔ perhaps
29时(F時)[shí] period, season, (=时间 shíjiān, =时候 shíhou) time, (=小时 xiǎoshí) hour
30[nián] year, ; 今年 jīnnián this year; 明年 míngnián next year; 去年 qùnián last year; 中年 zhōngnián middle age

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