Animated Stories: Peppa Pig series《粉红猪一家亲》

Sometimes, I like the Peppa Pig series 粉红猪一家亲. Not just because it is a UK production, the preschool level is a good entry point for many new learners. The basic stories also feature everyday activities such as attending playgroup, going swimming, visiting their grandparents, cousins, going to the playground or riding their bikes. In the original English versions, besides the English pronunciation and British accent is really pleasant to adopt, the scripts are written in simple forms.

From these six episodes, we would highlight some selected new Chinese words to learn:-

第1话 旧货义卖 Jumble Sale
jiù huò yìmài 

旧货 jiù huò
Secondhand goods

古董 gǔdǒng

袜子 wàzi

义卖 yìmài
Charity Bazaar

椅子 yǐzi

捐出 juān chū

第2话 游泳记 Swimming
yóuyǒng jì 

游泳 Yóuyǒng

臂圈 bì quān
Arm band

潜水 qiánshuǐ

眼镜 yǎnjìng

跳水板 tiàoshuǐ bǎn
Diving Board

第3话 花园里的生物 Tiny Creatures
huāyuán lǐ de shēngwù

第4话 爸爸猪的办公室 Daddy Pig's Office
bàba zhū de bàngōngshì

第5话 海盗岛 Pirate Island
hǎidào dǎo

第6话 乔治感冒了 George Catches a Cold
qiáozhì gǎnmàole 


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