Empress XiaoSheng Xian Italy/China (1751) Giuseppe Castiglione

Empress XiaoSheng Xian Italy/China (1751) Giuseppe Castiglione (simplified Chinese: 郎世宁; traditional Chinese: 郎世寧; pinyin: Láng Shìníng) (July 19, 1688 – July 17, 1766), was an Italian Jesuit lay brother who served as a missionary in China, where he became a painter at the court of the emperor.

A master of the '700 seen through multimedia. The Jesuit missionary Giuseppe Castiglione, "renamed" by Chinese Lang Shining, lived for more than 50 years as an artist, much appreciated at the court of three emperors of the Celestial Empire.

Thirty of his most important works are on display in Florence, from October 31 to January 31, 2016, at the Memorial of Santa Croce, where it was staged the exhibition In the language of the other. Lang Shining New Media Art Exhibition. Giuseppe Castiglione, a Jesuit and a painter in China.

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